How to Make Messenger Bag: 6 Fun Steps to Try Make it at Home

How to make messenger bag? Do you want to learn how to make a stylish messenger bag without spending all day in the sewing room? You don’t need to be a professional tailor or seamstress to create a one-of-a-kind bag. With some simple instructions, you can make your own unique messenger bag in just a few hours.

Let’s take a look at how you can craft your own timeless and stylish messenger bag. You will be guided step by step from gathering the materials, cutting out your pattern pieces, assembling the bag and even adding decorative topstitching and straps.

Everything you need to know will be detailed below, so let’s get started!

how to make messenger bag


How to Make Messenger Bag

If you’re looking for a stylish, one-of-a-kind accessory that’s sure to be the envy of everyone around you, why not try making your own messenger bag? Messenger bags combine style and practicality like no other bag can, with their unique designs and storage capabilities.

Whether you’re a novice or expert DIYer, following these steps will help you make your own messenger bag with ease.

1. Measure the Materials:

Before you start cutting the fabric, figure out how large of a bag you are looking to make. Take into consideration how much space it needs to hold and how long or wide your straps should be.

After collecting all of your measurements, purchase all necessary materials accordingly – this includes gauzy fabric if desired, threading (for both daily use and decoration), lining material, snap fasteners or Velcro strips for closure purposes.

2. Cut and Sew the Fabric: Using an appropriate fabric for the inside and outside panels of your bag is key to ensure durability.

Cut two panels from each type of fabric in accordance with measured sizes previously gathered; the interior panel should be slightly larger than the exterior panel so it can clasp around it comfortably later on.

Once cut, join them by sewing along one side lengthwise – this area will form the top flap when completed so be mindful when choosing where to stitch!

3. Add Pockets

Now is the time to add pockets any extra compartments if desired! There are various ways this can be done depending on where they are going — the back or front — as well as their size (if applicable).

Your options here range from zippered pockets sewed onto front sides, internal slip pockets sewed into back sides or even adding additional flaps or closures as desired! With these added layers create more structure and amplifies design noticeably once finished.


4. Configure Straps:

At this point in production, straps should be configured according to measurement sizes taken earlier on before any further progressions could take place due its importance throughout usage duration — it ensuring comfortability levels remain high at all times so adjusting them regularly is recommended until perfect fit achieved.

For example-cotton webbing straps could run along whole length edges whilst quick release buckles secured either end giving off cleaner look overall.

5. Install Fastener Closures

Choose whichever fastener closure that suits taste such aluminum buttons clips although traditional mainstay remains Velcro Tape due apparent ease facing when attaching detaching accessories.

Assemble two short strips respectively along edges edges prior insertion Tuck excess underneath layer seal everything securely once entire procedure complete

6. Final Touches

Now give attention small finer details leaving impression those who handle successfully crafted piece handiwork These including adding woven ribbon ends decorative prints—anything possible just apply personal flare project Experiment colors textures make stand even further unique fashion statement than expected!


Creating a messenger bag is an exciting, creative and gratifying experience. With the right supplies, basic knowledge of sewing and some patience, you can make your own stylish and functional messenger bag in no time. Don’t forget to add personal touches to customize it to your own personality.

Crafting something with your own hands gives an immense sense of accomplishment—so put all your hard work toward creating a one-of-a-kind messenger bag that truly stands out!

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