Can Tote Bags be Washed? 4 Best Tips and Instructions to Make it Looks Like New Again

Can tote bags be washed? Have you ever spilled something on your favorite tote bag, only to worry about whether or not it can be cleaned? Tote bags are typically durable and reusable but do they require special care instructions when it comes to cleaning them?

Tote bags are one of the most popular accessories around. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and can be used for many different things. Whether you’re carrying groceries or running errands, totes are handy because you don’t need to take multiple bags with you.

But a common question is “can tote bags be washed?”. Caring for your tote bag properly can help it stay looking its best for years. Depending on the fabric it’s made from, there may be some precautions that need to be taken before washing it.

Keep reading as we discuss how to clean various types of tote bag fabrics so that you don’t damage them in the process!

can tote bags be washed


Can Tote Bags be Washed?

Tote bags are becoming increasingly popular, but many people wonder if they can be washed. The short answer is yes, tote bags can be washed safely and relatively easily. Here are a few tips and instructions on how to go about washing your tote bag so it looks like new again:

Identify What Material the Tote Bag Is Made of

The best way to ensure that you wash your tote bag correctly is by identifying what material the bag is made from. Generally, totes are made from materials such as natural or synthetic fibers (cotton, canvas, nylon), waterproof materials (polyester vinyl or laminate) or leather-like fabrics.

Pre-Treat Stains Before Washing

It’s always a good idea to pre-treat any stains before you begin washing your tote bag. If it’s possible to remove the fabric cover of the bag, this will make it easier to spot treat any stains or marks before cleaning the entire item.

Depending on the type of stain being treated, you may want to use a specific solution such as laundry detergent, vinegar and water solution or rubbing alcohol – just be sure not read and follow product directions carefully when using these solutions.

Hand Wash Your Tote Bag If Possible

If possible, hand washing your tote bag is best in order to preserve its shape and structure as well as protect any special finishing details such as zippers or pockets.

Fill a basin with cold water and add mild detergent specifically for handwashing; submerge your tote bag in this solution for 15 minutes before swishing it around gently with your hands for an extra few minutes.

Once finished handwashing your item, press out the excess water with a towel and hang it up in an area where it won’t become stretched out of shape from external factors such as wind or sun exposure.

Wash Inside Out Bags in a Washing Machine

If you must wash your item in a washing machine instead of by hand, turn the item inside out first so that any sensitive details are facing inward during the cycle; adding one cup of white vinegar also helps draw dirt away much more quickly than regular washing detergents alone.

Use cold or warm water – never hot – along with gentle detergents specially formulated for delicate items – no bleach!

When complete, hang up items half open so they don’t get misshapen while drying completely; do not put them in either the dryer or line dry them outside until all moisture has been eliminated altogether.


All in all, it’s possible to wash tote bags with great results if done properly. You just need to ensure that you use the right material, temperature and cycle on your washing machine. Additionally, there are other ways of cleaning your totes such as spot washing or handwashing-cleaning techniques which are also very effective.

With our advice, hopefully you can now safely and effectively keep your tote bags clean and well maintained.

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